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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

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About the places :

Tadiandamol or Tadiyandamol is the highest mountain of Kodagu district, India. It is located on the Western Ghats range, and reaches an elevation of 1,748 m. It is a place of interest for trekkers and naturalists. The mountain has patches of shola forests in the valleys.

Mugilpete a.k.a Mandalpet a.k.a Mandalpatti is another place in the coorg, least known to many from other parts of Karnataka. It became famous from the movie, Gaalipata. Many think the place was fictitious. But the place actually exists, and I have visited it twice!

The Journey :
 Yet another weekend. Had to plan yet another trip to get rid of the boredom faced during weekends. I came up with a weak plan of going to B.R. hills and returning on Saturday night only. The 5 of us(Me, Sharat, Santhosh, Sandeep and Ajay) were all set to go to B.R hills. It was 12.30 in the night on Friday already. When we were about to leave on bikes, one of us mentioned it would be a very peaceful trip if we had gone in a car. All of a sudden, my friend told he can get the car from his home. Two of them left immediately to get the car, and it was 1 already! Then all of a sudden, we were confused with options regarding where to go. Options like Kerala, Pune, etc etc springed up in our minds, and finally we decided to go to Tadiyandamol, Coorg and Kudremukh and left by 1.30! Whoa! This was the most random and spontaneous planned trip ever for us.

So it all began.Yet another journey. We went in the Mysore road, took a left towards madikeri after Sri Rangapattana, and then went to Virajpet. It was around 7 in the morning by the time we reached Virajpet. On the way to Virajpet, we came across a beautiful lake full of cranes, and it was such a pleasant morning. We were more than pleased by seeing the sunrise at that lake. The reflections were too good, with no people around us. After enjoying the scene there, we had a light breakfast at Virajpet. Hotels open there by around 8 always. We had idlys at a very small hotel which was open at 7.15. Then we took a room in a lodge for an hour to get freshed up. After getting freshed up, we went to Tadiyandamol finally, without sleeping from the past 24 hours. Little did we know that we would end up sleepless for 45 hours!

From Virajpet, you need to take the road towards Napoklu and Bhagamandala. There, after some 8 kms, you need to take a left after a bridge. You can ask anyone for directions. At the base of the peak, you will get the Nalaknad palace. We decided to skip it since it wasn't of that much importance. We parked our car where some other bikes were parked and started to trek. 

Like any other trek, we had a nice trekking path, where we had to trek for around 20 mins to get the first sight of Tadiyandamol. From there we started to climb. Gradually it became steeper and steeper. We had started the trek at 10 in the morning. So it was hot and sunny as well. And the mistake we did was, we carried just a half bottle of water with us, assuming it would be very easy. We were totally drained out by the time we completed half the trek. But we didn't carry any luggage with us other than the cameras. So it was pretty easy for us and we managed to reached the top of the peak within 1 hour 45 mins.

 And it was like a heaven when we reached atop. The clouds started to chase us and caught us as well! It was a memorable time we spent atop. We spent around an hour there and started the descent immediately. We never stopped anywhere on our way down and it took us around 40-45 mins to reach the base again, where there is a source of flowing water, which might be a small waterfall during rainy season. We drank the water as much as we can and left to Madikeri, where we had our lunch, around 3.30. Post lunch, we left to Mugilpet a.k.a Mandalpet. To go to Mandalpet, from madikeri, first you need to go towards abbi falls. Anyone in madikeri would show you the road to Abbi falls. After going in that road for 1 or 2 kms, you need to take a right. The left road would be leading to abbi falls and the right one leads to mandalpet. There is a board as well. The roads are very very bad, I'm warning now only. That too if you go in the rainy season, it will be very difficult unless you have a SUV. It is around 25 kms from madikeri. It was around 5 in the evening by the time we reached there, and gradually visibility was getting reduced due to the huge clouds covering us all the way! Visibility was 10m in the end and it was such a beautiful place, worth travelling in that very bad road.

 From here, we went back to Madikeri, had dinner and left to Bangalore directly, since we thought about having a peaceful sunday. And we managed to reach Bangalore by 3 a.m.

Guidelines :
- You can camp on Tadiyandamol, but there is no water source throughout, other than at the base of the peak. So carry as much water as you can.

-The road to Mandalpet is very very bad. Be warned.

- May - December would be the best time to visit these places. 

Final Review :
Tadiyandamol is a nice place to trek and camp on for an average trekker, since for an average trekker with luggage, it might take around 3 hours to 4 to reach the top. And it is a pleasant view from there.

Routes :
Bangalore - Sri Rangapatna - Virajpet - Tadiyandamol - Madikeri - Mandalpet


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