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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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About The Places :

Magod Falls is a group of waterfalls in Uttar Kannada district of Karnataka, India, where the river Bedti falls from a height of nearly 200m in two steps. It is around 70 kms from Sirsi, 17 kms from Yellapur, 215 kms from Shimoga and around 450 kms from Bangalore.

Satoddi Falls or Sathodi Falls is a waterfall in India that is formed by several unnamed streams near Kallaramarane Ghat, Uttara Kannada District, near Sirsi, and 32 km from Yellapur. It is about 15 meters (49.2 feet) tall. The stream then flows into the backwaters of the Kodasalli Dam, into the Kali River.

Jenukallu - Jenu means Honey, Kallu means stone and Gudda means hill.  This place is a viewpoint in the Western Ghat, which offers a panoramic view of the hills packed one behind the other.  Jenukallu Gudda is situated 17 Kms from Yellapur.  The Bedti River from Magod falls cuts across the green hills and bounces all the way to join the Arabian Sea beyond the hills.

The Journey :

This was the day 4 of our week long bike trip. After visiting Kodachadri, Yana, Sigandur, Unchalli falls and Banavasi, we left for Magod falls on the day 4 morning. 4 of us left in 2 bikes(a thunderbird and a pulsar 180) from Banavasi after having breakfast. It took us around 2 hours from Banavasi to reach Magod falls, via Sirsi, Yellapur. We had our lunch at yellapur on the way. 
Magod Falls

After buying the entry tickets, we had to walk for 5 minutes to reach the first viewpoint. Magod falls was different from others, since it flowed through two steps. It was a magnificent view of the falls, falling from the opposite hilltop. We walked for another 5 minutes to reach one more view point. There was a path to trek down till the base of the falls, but we thought it wasn't worth it, since we could see only one of the two steps from the base. So, we rested there for a while and took off towards Sathodi falls.
Sathodi Falls

Sathodi is a very famous waterfalls among the local people around Yellapur and Sirsi. Many people come there to visit, especially during weekends. It is just around 25 kms from Magod falls. Water falls from just around 15m height and is the best and safest place to play around. We went till the base of the falls and were standing right under the falls. You can swim there easily as well. These days, people are spoiling its beauty by throwing beer bottles and many other plastic bottles. The width of this falls makes it unique and very scenic. As far as I remember, it is one of our favorite waterfalls since we enjoyed a lot there.

After Magod and before Sathodi, we had also been to a viewpoint called Jenukallu. The breathtaking view of the valley is worth a visit and during sunset the change in the scene is truly magical.  There are three hills here, which are at a very high altitude.  They are Jenukallu Gudda, Kodekallu Gudda and Balekallu Gudda.  The highest hill is the Balekallu Gudda.  The roads are manageable but at certain points they do offer a challenge for small cars. It is famous for snakes, bisons and bears.

Guidelines :

- Be careful while trekking down in Magod place. It is known to be very steep and dangerous.

- Best time to visit would be just after the rainy season, around October.

Routes :

Bangalore - Shimoga - Sirsi - Yellapur - Magod - Jenukallu - Sathodi

Final Review :

In a land full of waterfalls(Uttar Kannada), these are the two famous ones, and is worth going all the way from Bangalore. Jenukallu is also worth a visit, on the way.


  1. Satoddi Falls is a one of the famous waterfall in India that is formed by several unnamed streams near Kallaramarane Ghat, Uttara Kannada District, near Sirsi, and 32 km from Yellapur.

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  3. Yellapur is a town in Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka. It is located in the Western Ghats and famous for Satoddi Falls and Magod Falls. Visitors can check out many places to visit in yellapur.


    Video of the sathodi falls..

  5. We have visited magod and sathodi falls recently.Has descent approach roads.But no sign boards.falls are fantastic and one must visit.

  6. Can anyone let me know whether aged people can visit Magod Falls???

  7. Can anyone let me know whether aged people can visit Magod Falls???

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