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Thursday, August 16, 2012

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Day 5:

So after getting up at around 6am, we were all set to start our journey on day 5. When we headed to our bikes, the mist on the bike seats was frozen, confirming sub zero temperatures overnight! We were thrilled to realize it was one of the coldest nights of our lives! Without wasting any time, we started the ride. We did not come across any water crossings then, and the roads were too good. We could stop anywhere anytime and take beautiful snaps. Wish we had more time to enjoy the scenery. We passed Sarchu in an hour. It was the place where most of the tourists and bikers had stayed. The place was full of scenic locations and tents everywhere. After Sarchu, the Himachal Pradesh border ended and we were entering Jammu and Kashmir now. After some formalities at the border, we were riding in Jammu and Kashmir, with many humorous warning boards everywhere from BRO(Border Roads Organization).

After riding for another 20-30 kms from Sarchu, we entered the Gata loops. Gata loops consist of 21 hairpin curves and provides you with a great scenic view once you reach the top. After riding for some more time, we passed Naki La and Lachulung La - two more mountain passes at high altitudes. Around 25 kms from Lachulung La, we reached a place called Pang. Here we had breakfast finally. It was around 10-11 am. We were very hungry as well. So we ordered many stuffs and ate them happily. Pang had an army base situated at the highest altitude in the whole world! After riding for around 10-15 kms, we reached one of the most awaited destinations in our trip - Morey Plains. 

Morey plains consisted of just plain lands with straight roads all the way for around 40 kms. Wherever you park your bike and take a photo there, would be a wallpaper material! The ride was smooth all the way, and after another 25 kms from the end of Morey plains, we reached Tanglang La - World's second highest pass, according to many. 

We could feel the lack of oxygen there. It was almost around 3pm or so by then. Roads were quite good till then. From there onwards, we started to descend all the way to Leh. We covered more distance in shorter times now, as Leh was edging nearer, and we just wanted to reach it asap and have a good dinner and sleep off! We reached Rumptse, Upshi in another hour or so. From Upshi, finally we got one of the best roads in our trip so far and were excited to see it and started accelerating all the way till Leh and by around 6pm, we were in Leh finally! We searched for a good lodge for half an hour, then roamed in Leh for a while, had dinner, bought some t shirts and went to bed, after planning for the next day.. To go to the heavenliest place in the entire India - Pangong Tso!

A few snaps below - 
Seats frozen!

Gata loops

Morey Plains


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